3 Biggest Turning Points in ‘Vada Paw Girl’s Life, Selling Cars, Today She’s No Less Than a Celebrity

Chandrika Dixit, who is famous all over the world as ‘Vada Pav Girl’, will now be seen in the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ Season 3. The promo video of the show has been released and now fans are waiting for the Anil Kapoor hosted show to start. Most people know the name ‘Vada Paw Girl’, have seen Chandrika Dixit’s pictures or shared memes made of her on social media. But very few people know who is Vadapav Girl? How did an unknown face become so famous and what were the turning points in her career that made her so famous today? Let us know.

A vlogger’s viral clip changed his life

Chandrika Dixit is married and when her son’s health started to deteriorate, she quit her job at a restaurant chain and decided to set up her own food stall. As things were not going well on the professional front and she needed money, Chandrika started her own business but it was not going well. Chandrika was trying to survive somehow but then a vlogger came as an angel in her life. The food vlogger’s video went viral and people took pity on a helpless girl who had set up a roadside stall.

Benefits of working in a restaurant chain

Suddenly a large number of people started arriving at the Vadapav Girl’s stall. The crowd began to grow so large that it became a supply point for Chandrika. But since Chandrika worked in a food restaurant, she understood the importance of food quality and taste. He never compromised on the taste and quality of the product and this benefited him in his work. Chandrika’s work progressed to such an extent that she moved quickly and after some time, a Mustang car was seen parked near Chandrika, which was pushing the carriage.

Chandrika understood the power of social media

Chandrika Dixit realized that she benefited from social media, so she increased her presence on Instagram and other social media platforms. Today, Chandrika Dixit is an inspiration to millions and is seen as a business icon. Today Chandrika Dixit has 3 lakh 62 thousand followers on Instagram alone. This number is more than the followers of many celebrities. Now that Chandrika is going to enter Bigg Boss OTT 3, fans are very excited to see her real side.

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