6 NEET toppers from one center Why, on what basis given grace marks Candidates keep asking NTA these 10 questions

Candidates cannot digest the fact that 67 students scored 720 out of 720 marks in NEET and the cutoff suddenly skyrocketed. They do not find the NTA’s explanation logical. Many NEET aspirants have alleged that their ranks and marks have been adversely affected due to the NEET paper leak. Due to paper leak, inflation in ranks has increased. Candidates are constantly campaigning on social media with hashtags of NEET Scam, Cancel NEET Exam and NEET Result Re-release. NTA says that the number of toppers has increased due to NCERT text books and giving grace marks.

Students keep asking these questions

1. How can there be six toppers from the same exam center in Haryana?
Many students say that the roll numbers of 8 students belong to the same category in the merit list of NEET toppers released by NTA. 6 out of 8 students with serial number 62 to 69 are toppers securing rank 1. Six of the eight examinees are from a single examination center located in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. On social media, candidates and exam experts have questioned NEET’s transparency in this regard. Why are the names of 7 out of 8 students not written in the list? A snapshot highlighting the NEET roll number, name, marks and rank of these students is also going viral on social media. 6 out of these 8 students scored 720 out of 720 marks. The other two are 719, 718.
The NTA has clarified that students in Haryana wasted their time at examination centers, due to which they were given grace marks as compensation.

NEET: 44 students NEET topper by one mistake, rank-1 even on wrong answer

2. Students, parents and coaching operators have asked how many students have secured grace marks as stated by NTA? How many marks have been given to whom? Original merit list of NEET should be released even without grace marks.

3. NTA has not given any information regarding grace marks in the notification. Then why suddenly this policy was implemented as a result, on what basis?

4. Which centers have lost time and on what basis they have been awarded grace marks.

Why 67 toppers in NEET, what is the problem, NTA told the story behind it

5. NTA should clarify on normalization. What was his slogan? On what basis was this given?

6. Normalization was applied to the students of how many centres.

7. How the 718 and 719 marks came about, when this is impossible. These students argued that the NEET paper is of 720 marks. Each question carries four marks and negative marking of one mark for wrong answer. If a student corrects all the questions then he gets 720 marks out of total 720 and if he skips one question then he gets 716 marks. If he gets one question wrong, he will be left with 715 marks. In such condition it is impossible to get 718 and 719 marks.

NEET: No one can score 718 and 719 marks in NEET, NTA responds to allegations

8. Why has NEET’s tie breaking policy been changed at the time of results? Why was the 8th rule inserted when there was no mention of it in the notification, only 7 parameters? The person who applies first will be given higher rank in merit, why this was not stated earlier.

MBBS: Those who have applied earlier in NEET will benefit, NTA adds new rule at result time.

9. How many grace marks are awarded for lost time?

10. Lok Sabha Elections Why was NEET result declared on the same day of result? While his probable date was 10 days later.

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