A mix of hotel and office work… Saurabh Netrawalkar’s story is tough, sister reveals secrets

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Saurabh Netrawalkar Sister: What will the players do after playing their match in the T20 World Cup? Some may be relaxing, some may be following fitness routines and some may be enjoying themselves in other ways. But Saurabh Netrawalkar, a member of the USA team, has a different story. This story has been shared by Saurabh Netrawalkar’s sister Nidhi. According to Nidhi, after playing a match for the USS team, she sits in a hotel and does office work. Let us tell you that Saurabh Netrawalkar has performed brilliantly for his team. Where he defended 18 runs in the super over against Pakistan. At the same time, he took the wickets of legends like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in the match against India. He has taken four wickets in three matches for the USA so far.

A job with cricket
On the cricket field, Saurabh is creating trouble for the batsmen with his brilliant bowling. But life is not easy for him even off the field. After the match, he sits in the hotel and does office work. It is worth mentioning that apart from being a cricketer, Saurabh Netrawalkar is also a software engineer in Oracle. Here his job is very much in demand. In such a situation, after spreading the magic of his skills on the cricket field, he gets involved in the company’s work. According to Saurabh’s sister Nidhi, he is very lucky to have so many supporters throughout his career. He knows that when he is not playing cricket, he has to concentrate fully on his work. In such a situation, wherever he goes, he carries his laptop with him. The company has given him the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Even after coming to India
Saurabh’s sister further revealed how her brother juggles his professional and sports related responsibilities. Nidhi said that whenever she comes to India, she brings her laptop. He said that Saurabh is very dedicated. Nidhi also credits her upbringing in Mumbai as the reason behind this. He said that it can be said that there is a Mumbaikar in him. It is always within him. The 32-year-old player, who works for Oracle, participated in the Under-19 World Cup for India. After this, after receiving a scholarship, he decided to go to America for higher studies at the prestigious Cornell University. After coming to America, his cricketing journey took a short break, but he resumed the game and became an important member of the American team. Netrawalkar’s family is still in India.

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