Aamir took inspiration from real life in the delivery scene of 3 Idiots, so did Reena Dutta

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Aamir Khan is called Mr. Perfectionist. Now Mona Singh has narrated the story of 3 idiots. In this film, she played the role of Kareena Kapoor’s sister. Aamir along with his friends got them delivered. Now Mona has said that Aamir Khan asked her to slap him hard to perfect this scene. Interestingly, this has happened in Aamir Khan’s real life. His wife Reena slapped him during delivery.

A lot of preparation was done for the scene

Mona Singh told News18 about the scene in 3 Idiots, the initial debate was what to do. Do I bite, kick, slap or tell them to get out? Then everyone started telling their actual experiences that my wife had done this and that. Then came the conclusion that I would slap Aamir.

Slap in front of bodyguards

Mona said, everyone knows Aamir sir, he wants perfection, he wants it to look real. Said, we will do it at once and you will have to slap me very hard. I said ok, I am Sardar’s, I was in full energy and his bodyguards were standing back watching the scene. After the scene I asked him, is he okay? Then he said yes.

When this happened in real life

When Aamir Khan appeared on Kapil’s show, he said that Junaid was beaten by his wife Reena when he was born. As a good husband I have learned all the breathing exercises, he said. When the labor became very intense, I tried to calm her down. But I got a slap, she said, stop this nonsense. He was in a lot of pain. He hit my hand. Aamir Khan said that even after the slap, he was still seeing the expression on his wife’s face. However, his wife Reena was angry that he was in pain and was watching his gestures.

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