Adani Group to accelerate AI revolution, build largest data center

Adani Group to accelerate AI revolution, build largest data center

Gautam Adani said the data center is the backbone of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution.

New Delhi:

Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani participated in CRISIL’s “Infrastructure – The Catalyst for India’s Future” programme. The program was organized today in Mumbai. Meanwhile, in his address, he spoke about the strong governance of the Modi government and the role of green energy in the development of India’s infrastructure sector.

Along with this, he also discussed the growing demand for data centers driven by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution.

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Gautam Adani said, “The data center is the backbone of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. He described data centers as critical infrastructure needed to meet the computational needs of AI systems.”

The AI ​​revolution requires faster computers

Speaking at a CRISIL event, Gautam Adani said the AI ​​revolution requires fast computers that can handle large amounts of data. A data center provides these things. Machine learning, understanding language, understanding pictures – AI does it all, but to work faster than all this, the data center needs a lot of electricity.

The data center business is the largest electricity consuming industry in the world

This has made the data center business one of the most power consuming industries in the world. Gautam Adani said, “It is true that the energy transition to clean fuels in the energy sector requires the same infrastructure for technology development. Therefore, the technology sector is fast becoming the biggest driver of green energy.” Being a consumer. “

Adani Group has the contract to build the largest data center in India

Gautam Adani said that the Adani Group already has the contract to build the largest number of data centers in India and is now looking to build additional gigawatt scale AI data centers in the near future.

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