After being split into pieces, now the defense company has announced dividends, doubling the money in 6 months

After being split into pieces, now the defense company has announced dividends, doubling the money in 6 months

Defense Stock: Bharat Dynamics Limited is one of the companies which has given a stormy return in the stock market in the last one year. The shares of this state-owned defense company were recently split. Now the company has announced the dividend. Let us tell you that experts seem to be bullish about this stock.

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How much dividend is the company paying?

The board meeting of the company was held on 30 May. Then the board of the company paid Rs. It has been decided to pay a dividend of 85 paise on a share having a face value of 5. However, the company has not yet announced the record date of this dividend.

The shares were distributed last month

Defense stocks saw divestment recently. The shares of the company were divided into 2 parts. After this share split, the face value of Bharat Dynamics Limited’s shares fell from Rs 10 to Rs 5 per share. Earlier in April too, the company had traded ex-dividend. Then the company paid Rs. Dividend of 8.85 was distributed.

The company has paid dividends 29 times, this week also declared record debt, bonus shares

Dominance of the company in the stock market

On Friday, the company’s shares rose 4.41 percent to Rs. closed at 1430.30. In the last one month, the share price of the company has seen an increase of 51.6 percent. At the same time, investors who have held the stock for 6 months have gained 116 percent year-to-date.

In the last one year, the share price of Bharat Dynamics has seen an increase of 148 percent. The company’s 52-week high was Rs. 1160 and the 52-week low at Rs. 450.50 is. Let us tell you that the total participation of the government in this company is 74.9 percent.

What is the target price?

Brokerage firm Choice Broking Expert appears to be bullish, Good Returns reports. The firm has set a price target of Rs 1560.

(This is not investment advice. Stock market is subject to risks. Consult experts before making any investment.)

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