After the cricketers, PM Modi met the Olympians, said – All the best! Neerjan said- I want to eat Churma made by your mother.

New Delhi. After the returning cricketers after winning the T20 World Cup, PM Narendra Modi also met the Olympians. Prime Minister Modi met the contingent of Indian athletes leaving for the Paris Olympics. He wished the Indian players all the best. PM said- Focus on performing well without worrying about win or loss. All the best! The Paris Olympic Games are starting from July 26.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the Indian cricket team at 11 am on Thursday. Later, in the evening the PM also met the athletes leaving for the Paris Olympics. Most of the players met the PM directly. Some players, including Neeraj Chopra, who is training abroad, are connected through video calls.

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Talking to Neeraj Chopra, PM Modi said that your churma has not come. Greeting Neeraj, PM Modi said, ‘I want to eat Churma made by your mother.’ The PM told all the players that it is important to get a good night’s sleep before playing the game. So you all sleep well. You will think that the Prime Minister is asking you to sleep. But there is no need to think so. Medical science also talks about getting a good night’s sleep.

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