Amazon employees do not get toilet breaks, Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the central government

Amazon doesn’t even give its employees toilet breaks. The National Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the central government on one such news report regarding an Amazon India warehouse in Manesar, Haryana, seeking a response within a week. The commission said that if the report is true, it is a violation of labor laws.

According to TOI news, the workers in the report said they were asked to take an oath that they would neither take a toilet break nor a water break until their work target was met.

According to the case proceedings, “A 24-year-old laborer at Amazon India’s warehouse in Manesar, Haryana was asked to take a pledge that he would not go to the toilet until he unloaded all the packages from six by 24 feet. Until his team’s 30-minute tea break was over.” Don’t take long trucks or take water breaks until then.

“Toilet facility not available”

In the proceedings of the case, reference was made to a TV channel report on May 16, which showed that the warehouse’s ‘inbound team’ had sworn 8 times in the last month. Employees have confirmed this. The report said that the ‘outbound team’ handling the goods coming out of the warehouse was reminded of its target on a daily basis. A woman employee of the Manesar warehouse reportedly said that toilet facilities were not available at the workplace.

Cleaned toilets, became a waiter and now owns the most valuable company in the world.

Alleged Violation of Rules

According to reports, labor unions in India have accused five warehouses in and around Manesar of violating the provisions laid down in the Factories Act, 1948. Reports say workers working 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, can’t unload more than four trucks a day. That too while working continuously without any break including 30 minutes lunch and tea break. A female employee claimed that she stands for 9 hours every day.

What does Amazon say?

An Amazon India spokesperson said, “The safety and well-being of our employees and associates is our highest priority. The infrastructure and facilities at our centers are industry-leading. They are designed to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. Employees and associates have access to the restrooms they use.” , are free to take unofficial breaks during their shift to get water or talk to a manager or HR.”

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