Asked about Sonakshi Sinha’s conversion, her future father-in-law Ratanasi Iqbal replied, ‘It’s my religion.’

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s marriage is in the news these days. The wedding ceremonies have started. Meanwhile, discussions were going on regarding the different religions of both of them. Will the marriage be according to Hindu customs or according to Muslim customs? Along with this, there was also a question whether Sonakshi will change her religion after marriage or not. But by answering all these questions Zaheer Iqbal’s father Ratanasi Iqbal has put an end to all speculations related to religion.

Ratanasi’s response to Sonakshi’s conversion

During a conversation with Free Press Journal, when Ratanasi Iqbal was asked about the conversion of her future daughter-in-law Sonakshi Sinha, she dismissed all such questions and said – it is certain that she is not changing her religion. The union of the two is the union of the heart. Religion has no role in this. He continued, ‘I believe in humanity. Hindus call God Bhagwan and Muslims call Allah. But after all, we are all human. My blessings are with Zaheer and Sonakshi.

The marriage will be registered

During this conversation, Ratanasi Iqbal also gave the information about the marriage. He said, ‘This will be neither a Hindu nor a Muslim wedding. This will be a civil marriage. This registered marriage under the Hindu-Muslim Act will take place at Ratanasi’s house in Bandra. Sonakshi and her family will go to Zaheer’s house. After the marriage of both is registered, there will be a grand celebration for friends and family.

The Sinha family is with us

Let us tell you that there were reports that Sonakshi’s family is not happy with this marriage. But recently Shatrughan Sinha was spotted outside Zaheer Iqbal’s house with his wife and some close relatives on the occasion of a pre-wedding function. After haldi and mehndi tonight is the sangeet ceremony.

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