Bado Badi Song: Why was Chahat Fateh Ali’s ‘Bado Badi’ removed from YouTube? The song has been listened to over 128 million times

New Delhi. Recently a song went viral. That song by Pakistani singer Chahat Fateh Ali Khan was called ‘Bado Badi’. Because it has now been removed from YouTube. The lyrics of the song were true, but Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s singing made people’s ears bleed, but even after this the song was listened to more than 128 million times.

Although Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has been in the headlines for many quirky songs, ‘Bado Badi’ was the song that had people reeling a lot. As soon as the Besoora song became a hit, it was claimed that it was a copy. Then suddenly this song was removed from YouTube. Let us tell you what the case is…

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan from ‘Bado Badi’ once again managed to grab the attention of the netizens. The song soon became one of the biggest memes. However, new updates reveal that the song has been removed from his YouTube channel following complaints of copyright infringement. Fateh Ali also featured model Wajdan Rao in the song ‘Bado Badi’. Many Indian and Pakistani celebs also reeled in the song.

Some people called it an ear-bleeding song, while some sarcastically said that it took their breath away after listening to this song. People made fun of Chahat’s singing. However, the song has been removed following a complaint of copyright infringement on YouTube.

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