Because I am a Muslim, people call me…, Khanzadi expressed her pain, she is struggling in Mumbai because of her surname.

Bigg Boss 17 contestant and rapper Khanzadi has got a new identity after participating in Salman Khan’s show. After this show, Khanzadi is constantly in the news. After exiting the show, Khanzadi has several projects lined up. Many of his songs have been released. In such a situation, it is also constantly discussed on social media. Meanwhile, a video of Khanzadi has surfaced, in which she is telling about the problems she is facing due to her Khan surname.

Cannot find house due to surname

A video of Khanzadi is going viral on social media. In this video, Khanzadi is telling the paps how she is struggling to get a house in Mumbai. He said that as soon as people came to know that his surname was ‘Khan’, they refused to give him a house. In a candid statement, Khanzadi revealed, “They refused to give me a house because I am a Muslim.”

I am alone in Mumbai, I have no one hereā€¦

Khanzadi said, “People know me now because I have made a name for myself. I have been in Mumbai for many years and have been adjusting for so many years. However, now I want a better place for myself. I am alone in Mumbai. I belong to my family. Not a member, however, as soon as the zamindars find out that my surname is Khan, it is very wrong to give them a house just because of their religion, I don’t know what our future generation will have to suffer I am no longer a child and I want a place That’s where I’m having a big struggle.

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