Bedi: Know when Kiran Bedi biopic will release? Amazing transformation will be seen

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Dream Slate Pictures has finally officially announced the most awaited biopic film. Based on the life of Kiran Bedi, India’s first IPS officer, the film will be titled BEDI: The Name You Know, The Story You Don’t. The story of the film is written by Kushal Chawla and it will tell stories and anecdotes related to Kiran Bedi’s life which the world was not aware of until now. The film will show the challenges Kiran faced and with what determination and dedication she always pursued her goals.

What did Kiran Bedi say about the biopic?

During the announcement of the film, Dr. Kiran Bedi said, “This story is not just my story. This is the story of every Indian woman. An Indian woman who grew up in India, studied in India, whose parents work in India. Growing up and then throughout her career. Worked for India, my story started at the age of 9 when my father told me that life is like a slope, you either climb it or go up, otherwise you will slip and come down.

Words spoken by parents became gurumantras

Kiran Bedi said that my mother taught me that you can give something to people or take something from them. These are the things that have become my life’s mantra for me. As we are releasing this film on the 50th International Year of Women, it will be a story of women that will showcase our great country globally. Kiran Bedi said that the film is for people of every generation and every profession, who consider work as worship. People who work with a karmic mindset.

Amazing transformation will be seen

Kaushal Chawla, the creative force behind the film, said, “The film has been made with a lot of love. It took four years of painstaking research and script writing to make the film so that people can get accurate information and understand the life of Kiran Bedi. He said that For this film, I have tried to take the audience through heart-wrenching transformations, unseen things and an amazing personal and professional journey.

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