Bhavika will also leave the show along with Shakti, Ishaan’s family will end together.

Bhavika will also leave the show along with Shakti, Ishaan’s family will end together.

New Delhi. Star Plus’ famous show ‘Gam Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ is going to take a leap of 15 years. It is being speculated that in view of the falling TRPs of the show, the makers have once again decided to make a major change. If everything goes according to plan, many big stars will be out of the show. The makers will evict Bhavika Sharma, Shakti Arora and Sumit Singh from the show. Now Shakti Arora gave her reaction to this news and said.

Shakti Arora herself has confirmed her exit from the show as there is no scope left for Leap to be cancelled, Free Press Journal reports. However, speculations are also rife as to how her track will end on the show. A source connected to the show said that the entire Bhosale family is going to be killed. The makers have planned to kill Ishaan and his family in a bomb blast.

The family will end together
Interestingly, the story of the previous generation of ‘Gam Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein’ had a similar ending. Neil Bhatt and Ayesha Singh’s characters Virat and Sai were also killed in a bomb blast after the plane was hijacked by a terrorist. Although the show is doing very well in terms of numbers, the decision to take a leap in a year comes as a shock to all the fans of the show.

Bhavika will also leave the show?
While talking about the show, Shakti Arora said that she doesn’t know anything about the next leap. He said that if I was a producer, I would not have taken this decision. I mean, it’s a moving show and that too with a TRP of 2 which is pretty good, especially when a show like Anupama is also at 2.3. I think the makers are expecting more, maybe 3 or more. But if you ask me, well, I am not the only one who is leaving, the entire cast except Bhavika is leaving because they need to take the story forward with Savi and also because she is doing so well. But yeah, when I found out I thought, are we serious? Who does it? But okay, maybe God wants me in a better place than here. I can also take time off to work on myself or come back with a good show, let’s see.

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