Bigg Boss 3: What happened to Armaan Malik after Payal Malik’s departure? Said I want to hang myself

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In Bigg Boss OTT 3, you would have seen Munisha reading the cards of other contestants right from the beginning of the show. It tells about the past, present and future of others. Now in the latest episode, Munisha talks to Lavesh Kataria. Both speak of an outsider present in the house. Armaan Malik, sitting with Ranveer Shorey and Deepak Chaurasia, said something about Munisha that her statement is in debate.

Why Armaan wants to hang himself?

Deepak says Munisha thinks she can be the winner of the show. Ranveer smiles and says he likes it too. Armaan then jokingly says, bring the rope, I will hang you.

After this, when the nomination task takes place, Armaan takes Munisha’s name for interfering in another’s fight. Well, apart from Munisha we take the names of Armaan, Sana Maqbool and Vishal.

Right from the start of the show, Armaan and Vishal do not get along well. Both have fought many times. Armaan also called him a mosquito.

Payal is supporting Armaan-Kritika

Let us tell you that Armaan went to the show with his wives Payal and Kritika Malik. Recently Payal has gone out. But he stays out and gives his reactions on the show every day. Apart from this, she keeps appealing for votes for Armaan and Kritika on social media. Payal wants both of them to reach the finale and bring home the trophy.

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