Bigg Boss Oot 3: Can contestants take mobiles with them this time? Anil Kapoor’s statement gave a hint

Everyone knows about the show Bigg Boss that no one picks up the phone with him in this show. However, sometimes such photos go viral that the contestants secretly use the phone in the Bigg Boss house. However, it will be clear later whether the photo was edited or a fake photo. However, recently Bigg Boss OTT 3 host Anil Kapoor said something that hints to people whether they will be allowed to use phones this season or not.

What did Anil say?

In fact, a video has surfaced in which Munwar says that he will have to live without a mobile phone in the Bigg Boss house. On that Anil says that Munwar never says no, says no. I said this season is going to be something special and now everything will change.

Who will be the contestants?

Yesterday, Anil Kapoor shared a promo of the show which revealed that Chandrika Dixit of Vadapav Girl fame is the first confirmed contestant of the show. She is seen making vadapav in the promo and says that people came to stop me when my steps picked up speed. But I don’t know how to stop or bow. Always put family and work first in life, but always targeted those who raised questions. So I am coming to Bigg Boss house to show my real personality.

Their names also came up

Recently there was news that journalist Deepak Chaurasia is also going to appear on the show. Apart from this, rapper Nezi is also a confirmed contestant of this show.

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