Bigg Boss Ott 3: Did Shivani really faint during Bigg Boss punishment or was it a drama, video reveals the secret!

Bigg Boss Oot 3: Anil Kapoor’s controversial show ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’ host’s house is currently in turmoil. What is seen in this show is not what it is in reality. The mask of truth is now being removed from the innocent looking face at the beginning of the show. Two contestants were evicted in the very first week of the show. Neeraj Goyat was evicted before Bigg Boss and then Payal Malik was evicted from Weekend Ka Vaar. The elimination of these two has given the fans a big shock. In such a situation, a video of Shivani Kumari has come out. In this video, it is clear whether Shivani really fainted during Bigg Boss punishment or not.

Shivani fainted during the punishment

Recently a task was given in Bigg Boss OTT 3. In this task, the contestants had to beat others and enter the room quickly. In this situation Shivani and Paulomi Das run to complete the task, but due to Shivani’s push, Paulomi falls and gets injured. Shivani completed her task without worrying about Paulomi. Because of this, Anil Kapoor gave a stern lesson to Shivani. As a punishment, Shivani had to hold the ears of all the family members and apologize, but at first she refused to do so and then suddenly fell unconscious. Due to which all the family members were very scared. However, many people also called it Shivani’s drama.

The truth of Shivani’s illness revealed in the video?

Meanwhile, a video of Shivani Kumari has surfaced. In this video, Shivani is seen lying in the medical room. Several electric wires are attached to his head. Shivani is seen being investigated from there. Indeed, Shivani suddenly feels dizzy, due to which the doctor is seen examining her brain. It is clear from this video that Shivani actually went to the medical room and was treated.

As soon as she came out, Payal exposed the family members and said – she had the least number of votes, yet she…

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