Bigg Boss OTT 3: ‘If I use someone else’s husband this…’, users get angry after hearing Kritika Malik say- Shame on you

New Delhi:

A week has passed since the start of Bigg Boss OTT 3 and the excitement of the show is slowly building. The three most talked about contestants are Armaan Malik and his wives Payal and Kritika. YouTuber Armaan Malik is also very popular on social media. In such a situation, after coming on the show, some people are supporting him, but some are criticizing him and Kritika’s second marriage. Now Kritika has fueled people’s anger with one of her statements.

Kritika and Armaan share a towel

During an episode, Paulomi Das was seen talking to Malik and Kritika Malik. Seeing Kritika using Armaan’s towel, Pauloni asks, “You guys use each other’s towels?” On this Armaan Malik said, ‘Let’s do it, we are husband and wife, why don’t we? Why? Shouldn’t it?’

Kritika gave a shocking answer

On this Kritika also replied to Paulomi. Kritika Malik said, ‘Even when I use someone else’s husband, this towelis.’ Paulomi starts laughing loudly hearing Kritika’s words. After this Kritika says, ‘You can insult yourself, but if someone else does, I will break your face’.

Let us tell you that Armaan Malik has married twice. A few days after marrying his first wife Payal, Armaan tied the knot with his best friend Kritika. Payal has also spoken to Anil Kapoor about this during the show.

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