Bigg Boss OTT 3: Love story started in Bigg Boss house? As soon as this video went viral, people created a hashtag

The game of ‘Bigg Boss OTT-3’ has now taken an interesting turn. On the one hand, differences between Vishal Pandey and Armaan Malik are increasing. On the other hand two members are seen getting closer to each other. Which two members? Hey, this is the one whose hashtag is going viral on social media. Do not understand! We are talking about Sana Maqbool and rapper Nazi aka Naveed Sheikh. After watching the viral video of the two, people watching Bigg Boss are saying that Nezi has started liking Sana.

Nazi said this to Sana in a viral video

Actually, Sana nominated Nezi during the task. In such a situation, Naji got angry with Sana. Naji went to Sana and said, ‘Bamai (friend) I felt around you. It seems I was moving a little too fast in friendships. You keep going, I’ll come running after you. Maybe I’m not special to you. Hearing Naji’s words, Sana started crying. Sana said, ‘I cried for him so I realized he could be mine, but I let him go. I thought I had lost my friend.’

What are people saying?

People are loving Sana and Nezi’s friendship. He also created the #NaeNa hashtag of these two. While sharing a video of Sana and Nezi, a user wrote, ‘The only reason to watch Bigg Boss.’ Another user wrote, ‘I love the bond between these two.’ A third user wrote, ‘These two look so cute together.’

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