Bigg Boss Ott 3 Promo: Vadapav girl Chandrika cried after nomination, said- I have a fight with someone…

In the latest promo of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Vada Pav Girl i.e. Chandrika Dixit was seen crying. Chandrika expressed her displeasure that people are nominating her just because she doesn’t fight with anyone. Seeing him crying, the women of the house came in support. Some viewers are even commenting that Chandrika is right. Let us tell you that this week 6 people have been nominated for mid-week eviction. It also has Chandrika’s name.

Chandrika cried

The nomination time of the third member of Bigg Boss OTT season 3 is near. The latest promo showed Chandrika Dixit Gera looking a bit uncomfortable. At this Kritika asks him why he is upset. Chandrika doesn’t say anything, Payal and Shivani say there is definitely something. Chandrika will be furious at this, it’s been four days since I heard her making rotli, making rotli. Crime was committed by making roti. Saying this, Chandrika starts crying. Sana Maqbool reached out to silence him. On this Chandrika says, no friend, this is wrong. Till then Kritika silences them.

People laughed

Kritika says, do you know that by feeding us food we get merit? Don’t cry like that. Chandrika says crying, Vishal says, you don’t fight with anyone so we don’t get any other reason. We fought for no reason. There is no point in voting out bro you are not fighting with anyone so we voted out. Chandrika angrily says that no matter how much Mahabharata happens from tomorrow, she will not make rotli. Some people are writing that Chandrika is right. Some are even trolling him. One has written, All tears fell into flour. As one wrote, he only knows how to cry.

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