D.El.Ed exam will start from 12th and 18th June, check details here

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DElEd Examination: The board has announced the date of external subject examination for DElEd face-to-face course training session 2022-24 and second year 2023-25 ​​of district government and private training colleges. At the DAV High School Examination Centre, the first year exam for the session 2022-24 is starting from June 12, while the external subject exam for the second year 2023-25 ​​is starting from June 18. Eleven 100 trainee students each will sit for the examination in both the sessions conducted in two shifts.

This includes four hundred trainees from government training colleges DIET Siwan and PTC Merwa while the remaining trainees are from private training colleges. The first shift will run from 9.30 am to 12.45 pm and the second shift from 2 pm to 5.15 pm. To conduct malpractice-free examination, CCTVs will be installed at examination center bars and other important places to prevent cheating. To conduct the examination free of malpractice, there will be one videographer for every five hundred candidates.

It will also be indicated through flexes and posters at the exam center that you are under CCTV surveillance. The answer sheets of D.El.Ed face-to-face examination will be made available directly at the examination centers by the agency contracted with the Bihar School Examination Board. Bihar School Examination Board has appointed DEO Rajendra Singh as the Nodal Officer for the successful conduct of the examination. Except the Center Superintendent, no invigilator working in the examination hall or any invigilator or any employee involved in examination work shall use any kind of electronic device including mobile.

After checking in at the entrance of the examination center, he will enter the center wearing slippers.

The district administration has appointed Static Magistrate, Patrol Team Magistrate and Police Officer to conduct the D.El.Ed examination in a clean, malpractice and peaceful environment. Fisheries Development Officer along with BCOs Siwan Sadar and Pachrukhi have been made Static Magistrates and Assistant Director of Child Protection Unit as Patrol Magistrates. Magistrates and police officers posted at the examination center will ensure that unauthorized persons do not enter the centre. While the candidates will be screened at the entrance of the examination center itself, where they will be allowed to enter the examination center only after seeing the admit card.

All the candidates appearing for the D.El.Ed examination will not be allowed to enter the center wearing shoes and socks. You will enter the examination center wearing slippers instead of shoes and socks. Only maximum two candidates will take the exam sitting on the bench in the exam hall. One examiner for every 25 candidates and maximum two examiners per room will be appointed by DEO based on randomization. We will ensure that the seat plan is posted at the main entrance of the examination centre, on the notice board of the school and outside each room. A District Control Room has been set up in Ambedkar Bhavan for D.El.Ed Examination, which is number 06154-242000. Senior Deputy Collector Neelam Kumari will take charge of the District Control Room, whose number is 8228804878.

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