Debate in National Assembly on Pakistan’s T20 World Cup defeat, angry member advises Babar Azam

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Pakistan Parliament Babar Azam: Pakistan’s poor performance in the T20 World Cup is now being discussed in Parliament House as well. Abdul Qadir Patel, a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, raised questions about this. Along with this, he also expressed displeasure about Babar Azam. Not only this, Patel also suggested to Babar that he should learn from former captain Imran Khan and tell people that there is a conspiracy against him. It may be noted that Pakistan was eliminated from the group stage in the T20 World Cup. The Pakistan team had to face defeat first against America and then against India. Pakistan team and especially captain Babar Azam is being criticized from all sides.

advised Babar Azam
Speaking in the National Assembly of Pakistan, Abdul Qadir Patel said what has happened to the cricket team. They lost to America and they also lost to India. Further, Patel said that Babar Azam should take lessons from one of his senior cricketers. They should perform jalsa after losing. Someone should wave a paper there and say look, this is a conspiracy against me. No one will ask him anything. After that it will end later. Let us tell you that in the year 2022, Imran Khan waved a document during the rally. He then said that this was proof that there was an international conspiracy against him.

Gary Kirsten also looked angry
It is worth mentioning that Pakistan T20 in 2009 World Cup has been a champion. Apart from this, she was a finalist in the year 2007 and 2022. But Pakistan failed to advance in this T20 World Cup. All the weaknesses of the team were exposed. New coach Gary Kirsten also said that the Pakistani team lacked unity. He also expressed surprise that the team players were not talking to each other. After this, the Pakistani team was heavily criticized by the media as well as the general public. This trend is still continuing.

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