Did strangers arrive dressed up at Sonakshi-Zaheer’s wedding? The hint came from the guest’s Insta post

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s marriage is in the news for many reasons. Now trans model actor Sushant Divgikar has posted about the celebrity wedding. People are considering this as Sonakshi’s wedding event. Sushant wrote that many strangers arrived ready to make the reel as if they had received an invitation. Sushant wrote that it cannot be believed that people can waste so much. Some people have even started making funny comments in the comment section.

‘Where do you get faith?’

Sushant wrote on his Instagram that recently many people have forcibly entered or are trying to enter celebrity marriages. I can’t believe that people were completely prepared that they were invited and then came in. Why? Just so you can jump in and make some reels? Can’t believe people can be so useless. The post was accompanied by the caption, “Baba, where do you get so much confidence?” Sonakshi posted smiling emojis on the post, so people are speculating that it must have happened at her own wedding.

Sonakshi’s strong reply to trolls for getting married in another religion

People enjoyed

One jokingly wrote, yes that’s a very bad way (paneer tikka was good at the wedding). One wrote, If I enter marriage, I will enter the procession to dance and eat. And finally don’t forget sweet pan. Anyone care about reels? One has written that Golgappa was not good at Sona’s marriage.

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