Do you remember the film actress driving a tiffin cart on the road? Worked with Ramcharan

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New Delhi. Many people have a desire to work in films, but many are unable to fulfill that desire. Some talented people don’t get opportunities and some can’t move forward due to lack of success and then turn back. Also sometimes compulsion also becomes the reason for this. But did you know, this woman who is seen as an anchor on a TV channel has not only acted in TV serials but also played the role of a mother in films. She worked with Ram Charan and today the actress is driving a tiffin cart on the road.

You must have heard many names such as MBA Chaiwala, UPSC Chaiwala, BTech Chaiwala and so on. Now an actress has started a roadside tiffin service along with acting which is in news these days. The actress, who was once seen on TV and a few films, today runs a roadside Tiffin Centre.

Started selling carts, but didn’t quit acting
Actress Jhansi has not given up acting. He has started Tiffin Center with Abhinaya. Speaking to our partner website Local18, she said that when she was young, there was Ramakrishna Theater and Venkateswarlu Theater on either side of her house in Nakkirakal, these theaters are still running. It was from here that she got interested in acting and started dreaming of becoming an actress.

Started acting from TV
Jhansi said she used to practice on Dub Smash and Tik Tok apps. He said, ‘I realized that my performance was good. It was friends and family members who encouraged me to act. He further told in the conversation that I have a son from my marriage. But then I got a chance to act in a TV serial thanks to some knowledgeable people practicing in theater and never looked back.

Worked in many TV serials and films
Jhansi has played various roles in films like ‘Mansu Mamta’, ‘Guppedanta Mansu’, ‘Ninne Peldatha’, ‘Charu Sambhalatha’, ‘Prema Vimana Laggam’ and the film ‘Radhamma Koothuru’. She will be seen in the film ‘Game Changer’ with Ram Charan. The actress said that she did not take training anywhere. She said that she has reached this position today by practicing on her own.

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