During her relationship with Salim Khan, Helen used to hide this from Salman’s mother, saying- There was a lot at that time…

Salman Khan’s father Salim has two wives named Salma and Helen. Salim was already married to Salma when he got into a relationship with Helen. Not only that, he also had children at that time. However, Salim did not leave Salma’s side and gave Helen the status of wife in his life as well. Now an interview of Helen is going viral in which she is saying how she never wants the Khan family to break up. Apart from this, Helen revealed how she was in a relationship with Salim while hiding from his first wife.

Credit should be given to Salman

Helen said on Arbaaz Khan’s show, ‘I never wanted to separate the family and the biggest credit should go to your mother. Your mother must have gone through a lot at that time. I thank your mother and your children.

Used to hide like this

Helen said that your mother used to stand on the balcony when I used to pass by your house. Then I would hide from there. Arbaaz said that today there is a time that even if you don’t come home for a function or lunch, the first thing you get is your mother’s call.

One thing has not been forgotten till today

Then Helen said that when your sister Alvira was getting married, Salim, Salma and Helen were written on the card. I was very happy to see my name in the card. Even today I cannot forget that day.

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