Food safety in Blinkit’s warehouse is at risk! Many serious questions have arisen in the raid

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Blinkit, a company that delivers food in 10 minutes, is under question. In fact, the food safety department has raided Blinkit’s warehouse in an area of ​​Hyderabad. During the raid, the food safety department found that several safety measures were not being followed in the warehouse. Let us tell you that Blinkit is a company of food aggregator platform Zomato.

What the department said

According to the Food Safety Department, Blinkit’s lack of hygiene protocols was observed during the raid. Along with this, expired food items were also found from the spot. The Food Safety Commissioner posted on X (earlier Twitter) – products manufactured under Kamakshi Foods license were found to have expired. Semolina, raw peanut butter, flour, poha, gram flour and millet have been seized. The price of these products is around 30,000 rupees.

The department also suspects that other items such as whole ragi (finger millet) flour and tuwer dal worth Rs 52,000 were also contaminated. The commissioner said in his post that these products were seized and the samples were sent to the laboratory for testing. Further, the department officials observed that the campus was very unsanitary and unsanitary. Besides, the storage rack was also full of dust.

What the company said

A Blinkit spokesperson told Moneycontrol – We take safety and hygiene standards very seriously. We are working with our warehouse partners and the Food Safety Department to implement corrective measures. Let us tell you that Blinkit works in many Indian cities. It is famous for delivering orders within 10 minutes. These deliveries are made through dark stores, which are usually 2,500-3,500 square foot warehouses in and around residential areas.

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