Haris Rauf Fight With Fan: A childish post on Haris Rauf’s fight with a fan went viral

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Haris Rauf on a fight with a fan: Pakistan fast bowler Haris Rauf has been embroiled in controversy after a video of his argument with a group of people surfaced online, following which he said he “will not hesitate to answer” when his family is dragged into it. The incident took place after Pakistan was eliminated from the group stage of the T20 World Cup held in America and West Indies. Pakistan suffered a crushing defeat against new entrants USA and then collapsed under pressure to stay out of a winning position against traditional rivals India.

In a video clip that went viral on social media, Harris was seen walking with his wife when he bumped into some people. Although it was not clear what the conversation between the cricketer and the crowd was about, they were reportedly mocking him for the team’s poor performance in the showpiece. Suddenly Rauf lost his temper and was seen running towards them. Rauf wrote on X: “I decided not to bring this up on social media, but now that the video has surfaced, I feel the need to address this situation.

“Being public figures, we are open to all kinds of feedback from people. They have the right to support or criticize us. However, when it comes to my parents and my family, I remain the same. “He It’s important to show respect to people and their families, no matter what their occupation,” his wife tried to stop him, but Haris took off his slippers and started talking to people. Before one of them stopped him.

In the video, a fan can be heard saying, “Ek pictur mangi hai bus.” USA. Pakistan regained some respect by winning their last group match against Ireland when the match between Ireland and England was called off due to rain.

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