Homeopathy doctor gave 16 lakh rupees for admission in MBBS, after 1 month such a degree, knowing the truth the ground slipped from under his feet

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A shocking case of cheating a homeopathy doctor in the name of getting admission in MBBS in Gujarat has come to light. Five years ago, Suresh Patel, a resident of Mehsana, paid Rs. 16.32 lakhs and after paying the entire amount within a month got the degrees and certificates without attending any classes. In the year 2019, when he realized that the MBBS degree he had obtained was fake, he approached the police to file a complaint. But the FIR in this case was registered after five years on 14 June 2024.

According to Times of India news, in July 2018, 41-year-old Suresh Patel was searching the internet about higher education in the medical line. Then he came to know about a forum called All India Alternative Medical Council which was claiming to offer MBBS degree. Taking the details from the website, he contacted a person named Dr. Premkumar Rajput on phone. “Rajput assured me that I would get an MBBS degree based on my Class 12 marks. I was skeptical… but he assured me that everything would be legal,” Patel told TOI. Rajput also told Patel that he will have to do an internship and also give an exam. Degree will be obtained in five years. Patel decided to go ahead and paid Rs 50,000, after which he received an admission letter from Bundelkhand University in Jhansi.

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Patel said, “Rajput spoke to me about 25 times. He told me that three other people – Dr Sauket Khan, Dr Anand Kumar and Arun Kumar – would help me complete the MBBS course. On his instructions, I paid Rs 10 16.32 Lakhs between July, 2018 and February 23, 2019 and was waiting for his classes to begin.”

However, the classes never started. “In March 2019, I received a package by courier containing the MBBS marksheet, a degree certificate, an internship training certificate and a registration certificate in my name, stamped by the Medical Council of India (MCI),” he said. Patel contacted MCI and learned that he had been duped. The degree was fake. He lodged a complaint with the police, the investigation of which was later handed over to the Ahmedabad Crime Branch in 2019.

He said, ‘In 2019, I went to Delhi with the Mehsana police team, where Dr. Anand Kumar allegedly lived and ran the institute, but no one was at his address. Later we went to a private bank branch in Delhi and collected enough evidence that the accused had defrauded many others.” After this the investigation was called off. The accused were never found. Meanwhile, Patel collected more evidence and filed a complaint. Dec. 2023 with Mehsana SP office.

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