I want to see Narendra Modi in a netted cap, then I will believe… Know why Naseeruddin Shah got angry

Naseeruddin Shah is counted among the best actors in the industry. However, he is often in the news for his controversial statements. During an interview, Naseer spoke about the recently held Lok Sabha elections and said that he considers it an indicator for the future. Naseeruddin Shah said it would be very helpful if Prime Minister Narendra Modi could convince Muslims that they do not hate them. Recalling the old incident, he said that it is difficult to forget that the cap given by the clerics was not worn by Modi.

What was the reaction to the election results?

While talking to The Wire, Naseeruddin Shah was asked what went through your mind last week when you learned that the BJP did not get a majority, had its worst performance in 10 years and would need an alliance. Nasir said, first of all I got peace. Then I told myself that this is the time for introspection by the losers, the winners, the Hindus, the Muslims, the government and all of us.

Modi is arrogant

A new government is a new beginning, what changes do you expect as an Indian citizen? On this, Naseer said, Modi seems to be fond of many types of headgears. I would like to see it in net cap. I also want to see qualified Muslims. I want to end hate speech. I want to see more women in parliament. Modi is so arrogant that he never admits that if he makes a mistake, he just wears a net cap as a gesture.

An old hat incident of remembrance

Naseer said that when some clerics offered him a cap at an event, he refused to wear it. This memory is hard to forget. If Modi had done this it would have signaled that we are not different, if he could convince the Muslims it would be very helpful. Wearing a hat will be a sign that Muslims are also citizens of this country and will assure that he does not hate them.

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