IIT: BTech students lag behind in IIT placements, computer science majors get rained on jobs

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Various companies from home and abroad have offered jobs to 1054 students of 2024 batch of IIT ISM Dhanbad. This also includes 307 unique job profiles. Importantly, 784 students and 209 girls have got jobs. IIT Dhanbad’s Career Development Center has released the final placement report for the session 2023-24. Foreign companies have offered jobs to 11 students. As per the released report, 254 companies from various sectors at home and abroad participated in the recruitment process, while 1789 companies showed interest to participate in the campus placement. Various companies have given Pre Placement Offer (PPO) to 184 students. 6 PhD students have also got jobs.

Compared to last year, B.Tech students are lagging behind in the campus
B.Tech students of 2023-24 batch have lagged behind in campus placements compared to 2022-23. Experts say that this situation has arisen due to the impact of recession in many sectors. In the year 2023, 85.53 percent of B.Tech students were admitted on campus. While in the year 2024, 69.97 percent of B.Tech students have been admitted to the campus. In the year 2024, 53.61 percent of Integrated M.Tech, 51.58 percent of M.Sc., 72.37 percent of M.Sc., 54.13 percent of M.Tech and 64.71 percent of MBA students got placement. As of 2023, campus coverage is 95.24 percent for dual degrees, 81.25 percent for integrated M.Tech, M.Sc. 57.55 for M.Sc. for 46.24 percent, for MBA was 66.77 percent and 82.09 percent.

IIIT Delhi student gets a salary package of 95 lakhs, admission based on JEE Main score

84 percent placement in CSE and 40 percent placement in Civil Engineering.
Computer Science Engineering students at IIT ISM are the first choice of companies. A maximum of 84 percent of Computer Science and Engineering students have received job offers. 74.19 percent students of mineral and metallurgical engineering have got jobs in the second place. 72.35% students got jobs in Mining Machinery Engineering, 64.52% in Mining Engineering, 72.29% in Petroleum Engineering, 40% in Environmental Engineering, 67.91% in Electronics Communication, 40.74% in Civil Engineering and 67.5% in Chemical Engineering.

Maximum offer to geology students in integrated curriculum
In the Institute’s Integrated MTech Course, Applied Geology (90.91%), Mathematics and Computing (76.47%) and Applied Geophysics (42.86%) students have secured campus placement.

Research scholars got information to write journals
An orientation session on the basics of publishing academic research was organized at IIT ISM on Thursday. Sumita Sen, Regional Training and Implementation Manager elaborated. Research scholars from IIT Dhanbad learned how to write a manuscript, types of journal manuscripts, differences between them, how to choose a thesis and article, which journal you want to write for, how you upload a manuscript, etc.

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