Impress anyone with the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G and Galaxy A35 5G’s camera, Knox and wallet features

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Samsung Galaxy A55 5G and Galaxy A35 5G are the two newest smartphones in Samsung’s lineup in India. These smartphones come with many such features, which keep today’s generation in tune with the new era, and also take care of the phone’s security and privacy. The presence of amazing cameras enhanced by AI along with good hardware makes Samsung A-series devices stand out from the crowd in the market. With the right blend of style, performance and features, the Galaxy A55 5G and A35 5G emerge as an icon in Samsung’s lineup. Whether you love technology, are a photography enthusiast, or a user who values ​​security and privacy, these devices have a lot to offer you. Commenting on the campaign, Aditya Babbar, Vice President, MX Business, Samsung India said, “The Galaxy A series democratizes innovation by making it accessible to all, bringing flagship-level features. , in our campaign, we are proud of how the Galaxy A55 5G and A35 5G push the boundaries with cutting-edge technology that empowers creativity and creates a better user experience.

The devices are designed with the needs of GenZ in mind and that’s why the latest ad for the Galaxy A55 5G features popular youth influencer Shanaya Kapoor alongside Rohan Gurbaxani. It shows how Rohan impresses Shanaya with his Galaxy A55 5G’s AI-enhanced camera and how features like Samsung Knox Vault and Samsung Wallet bring him closer to Shanaya.

‘AI-Enhanced Camera’, ‘Knox Security Vault’ and ‘Samsung Wallet’ are three features that take the Galaxy A55|A35 5G a step ahead of other smartphones. Galaxy A55 5G’s AI-enhanced camera features, such as Image Remaster, Object Eraser, Single Take, Image Clipper, Long Exposure, Nightgraphy and Night Portrait, take GenZ into a new era of mobile camera photography. What’s more, these latest Galaxy A devices ensure that your photos, documents and personal biometric information are protected by Samsung Knox Vault. Plus with Samsung Wallet you can securely store your digital IDs, tickets, boarding passes, credit and debit cards and more without fear of personal privacy being violated.

Galaxy A55 | Shanaya and Rohan show off the camera capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy A55 5G in a new ad for the A35 5G. Rohan and Shanaya’s meeting at a party gives rise to interesting anecdotes and as they progress, their experiences with the Galaxy A55 5G reveal personal connections and the impact of technology on everyday life.

Shanaya and Rohan meet at a party, where Rohan pulls out his Samsung Galaxy A55 5G smartphone and takes a selfie with Shanaya. However, his picture is photobombed by a pizza delivery boy. In such a situation, Rohan uses the object eraser feature present in the Galaxy A55 5G and removes unwanted objects from the photo. This feature of Galaxy A55 5G removes objects and matches the gap with the background.

Object Eraser: Object eraser works as a boon for photographers nowadays. Earlier, people had to spend hours editing their photos to remove unwanted objects. Today, thanks to this feature of the Galaxy A55 5G, you can remove any unwanted objects from your photos in just a few seconds, such as photobombers, stray objects, shadows or skin blemishes. This is especially useful for group photos or selfies, where a person or other unwanted object comes into the frame. You can also remove distracting elements from your photos, such as trash cans, signboards, or power lines in the background.

Similarly, Samsung Galaxy A-series devices come with amazing AI-enhanced camera features that make GenZ’s lives easier and take mobile photography to the next level.

Image Remaster: With it, photos can be remastered with a single tap. It brings life to any photo. Image Remaster works to make pixelated photos high quality by adding details, sharpness, exposure, colors etc.

With Image Remaster you can refresh old family photos as if they were captured today. It can increase pixels in photos, improve colors and sharpen edges. This can convert even low resolution photos into high quality photos. Through this you can add artistic effects to your photos and give a modern look to vintage photos.

Nightography and Night Portrait: The Nightgraphy feature enables Galaxy A55 5G users to capture amazingly vibrant photos even in low light. Night portraits and Super HDR videos can step up your social media game. Even in low light, the AI-enhanced camera on the Galaxy A55 5G adjusts settings to give you a high-quality image with great exposure and colors. Nightgraphy is not limited to forests of mountains, rivers or skyscrapers, but the Galaxy A55 5G enables you to take great portrait photos in challenging lighting conditions.

Whether it’s twinkling city lights, a darkly lit interior or a romantic candlelit dinner, Nightography makes your shots look like they were captured by a professional camera.

Single Take: Galaxy A55 5G’s AI-enhanced camera can capture a variety of photos in a single shot. This feature scans your surroundings and automatically selects the best shots. With the ‘Single Take’ mode in the camera app, you only need to tap the capture button and the feature does the rest. It can record up to 10 seconds. It can also capture photos, hyperlapse, slow motion, regular video, looping video and different types of boomerangs with different filters all at once.

Now that Single Take can capture a wide variety of photos and videos, including hyperlapse, slow-motion and boomerang, as well as 10-second recordings, you can capture a birthday or wedding party or any other event happening in front of you in fast-moving action. When cutting a cake or when the main couple is performing a moment at a wedding, you only have to use one take instead of switching to a different mode every second like others. It will give you many photos and videos of that moment in 10 seconds.

Image Clipper: This feature lets you easily crop and remove any object or person from any photo. With this you can create personalized memes and collages by cutting out objects from photos. Additionally, for product presentations or marketing materials you can use Image Clipper to separate products from their background and place them in a new setting. By cropping objects from different photos and arranging them in one place, you can achieve great creative output.

Long exposure: This camera feature allows you to capture photos with long shutter speeds. It helps to take pictures in low light, blur water or traffic flow and capture light trails and you get professional camera like results.

Through long exposure photography you can capture the flow of water in an attractive way. Be it a waterfall, a calm lake or ocean waves, long exposures can give you shots like paintings. Along with this, the city landscape also looks amazing, capturing vehicle light trails, blurred crowds or the soft glow of city lights.

All in all, with the Galaxy A55 5G, you capture your photos like no other, but enhance them and give them a completely new experience. So with Samsung Galaxy A55 5G and Galaxy A35 5G ‘Don’t just take pictures, create your own picture.’

After impressing Shanaya with his Galaxy A55 5G’s AI-enhanced camera, in the upcoming film we will see how the security feature of Samsung Knox brings Rohan closer to Shanaya. It is shown that Rohan tells Shanaya about the Samsung Knox Secure Folder present in her Galaxy A55 5G. Secure Folder works to keep your special moments private and also keeps your data and apps safe.

Samsung Knox Vault comes built-in to the Galaxy A55 5G and uses hardware and software authentication to protect data from malicious attacks. Knox Vault also protects against cyber attacks, viruses and data leaks. Rohan tells Shanaya about the Knox security feature, how photos are protected using Secure Folder and how he can share his photos privately using the Private Share feature.

The new Galaxy A55 5G and Galaxy A35 5G smartphones are ideal for GenZ as they come with a great combination of style, innovation and practicality. Their AI-enhanced cameras and Knox security set them apart from their competitors in the market.

When you buy the Galaxy A55 5G or the Galaxy A35 5G, you will get not one but many attractive offers. Special offers are valid for a limited time only.

Take advantage of the following offers along with the benefits of a six-month Microsoft 365 Basic membership, including two months of free YouTube Premium and 100GB of cloud storage:

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  • The Galaxy A55 5G starts at Rs 36,999
  • The Galaxy A35 5G starts at Rs 27,999

Easy installment option is also available at no cost.

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  • The starting price of Galaxy A55 5G is Rs 1,792 per month.
  • The starting price of Galaxy A35 5G is Rs 1,723 per month.

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