India vs Pakistan: Akshar beat Imad Wasim with this plan, lefty spinner reveals

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New Delhi:

After Pakistan’s victory in the ongoing T20 World Cup (T20 World Cup 2024), Jasprit Bumrah is being talked about everywhere. And why not? It was Bumrah who turned Pakistan’s determined victory into a defeat. However, if the discussion is about Bumrah, a large section is also talking about Akshar Patel. With Pakistan needing 37 runs to win from the last five overs and with six wickets in hand, it was the 16th over of the innings bowled by Axar Patel that completely paralyzed left-hander Imad Wasim. And this was the over which increased the pressure on Pakistan. And this pressure set the stage for Hardik’s over. This is the reason why Akshar Patel is so discussed. After Shadab Khan took a single off the second ball, Imad Wasim, trying to play an almost identical shot, failed to score a single run in the next three balls.

Regarding the over, Akshar said, “There was wind on the ground at that time and Imad was prepared for that. I didn’t want him to hit a six over midwicket. That’s why I said it. The captain spoke and said I need a fielder at point. So I can force him to play the cut because this shot is also very difficult, if the shot hits it’s fine, but the cut was really difficult to play.”

If such comments are coming from fans, it is a big compliment for the character. His promotion in the batting order and bowling certainly shows this

When Akshar’s plan became public on social media, fans heaped praise on him, while some even pointed out that Imad Wasim had not hit a single six in the T20 World Cup.

What has been said is true. Perhaps one reason is that he is playing under Jadeja’s stardom and stature.

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