Is YouTuber Armaan Malik going to be a father again? Which wife has a baby shower?

Armaan Malik is in the news a lot regarding his personal life. He keeps telling all about his personal life on vlogs. A few days ago, Armaan celebrated the first birthday of his three children namely Payal’s 2 children and Golu’s 1 son. Now she has shared a new vlog where it is said that Golu and Payal went to a baby shower and asked fans which one of them is pregnant.

J’s baby shower

In fact, in the video, the two arrive at a place where decorations have been put up for a baby shower. After this Payal says we are here for baby shower. Now you guys guess whose baby shower is Golu’s or mine.

After this, a cake is also shown on which father is written. Golu says it’s a good idea, you guess yourself and find out right at the baby shower. It is embarrassing to say so.

Is there a song?

By the way, after watching this video it is also being speculated that it might be a part of one of his songs as the vlog further shows Payal and Golu dancing with Armaan while the choreographer teaches them the dance in front. .

A few days ago there was news that Armaan might appear as a contestant in Bigg Boss OTT 3. It is being said that he is coming alone and not with his wife.

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