Janak Spoiler Alert: Anirudh will further trouble Janak, kissing Arshi

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Star Plus’ serial Zaanak keeps coming up with new twists and turns every day. Now you see in the show that Janak told Anirudh a lot to get Anirudh to marry Arshi. Now Anirudh is repeatedly hurting Janak. From the mehendi ceremony to his next wedding ceremony, Anirudh has been disappointing Janak time and time again. Now once again Anirudh will show his closeness with Arshi to hurt Janak.

Janak signs divorce to Anirudh

The relationship between Janak and Aniruddha, who love each other, is legally over. Both have signed divorce papers in front of family and guests. Anirudh and Janak’s nervousness was palpable before signing the divorce papers.

Arshi is happy with the end of Janak-Anirudh’s relationship

Even after signing the papers, Arshi’s mother is seen taunting Janak. He tells Janak that you came to enjoy your sister’s wedding so you will enjoy the wedding right? Even after signing the paper, Janak is facing taunts. However, Arshi seems happy with Janak and Anirudh’s divorce. Anirudh and Arshi have moved on to their upcoming wedding ceremony.

Anirudh will kiss Arshi

Now you will see in Star Plus serial Janak that Anirudh kisses Arshi’s hand in front of all the family members to make Janak sad. Meanwhile, Arshi’s mother tells Anirudh that Arshi is the Lakshmi of your life. On this Anirudh says that Arshi is always Lakshmi in his life, nothing can separate them.

Will he express his love seeing Anirudh and Arshi’s closeness? Will Janak and Aniruddha’s life take a new turn?

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