JoSAA: JoSAA Declares Seat Matrix, 355 Seats Increase in 9 IITs of Country, See How Many Seats Where

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JoSAA Seat Matrix 2024: This time enrollment will be 817 including increased seats in IIT Patna. The seat matrix was also released on Tuesday. Overall counseling will be held for 17740 seats in this seat matrix i.e. 355 more than last year. While 84 seats have been increased in Patna. This time there will be nomination on 817 seats in Patna. Studies have been started in a dozen new courses. After the results of engineering entrance exam JEE-Advanced now the counseling from JoSAA has started. Acceptance of applications has started. 295 selections from 23 IITs, 32 NITs, 26 TripleITs and 40 GFTIs are being given to fill 570 selections. In this way, a total of 865 choices can be filled this year.

Last year JoSAA counseling was conducted for 17385 seats of 23 IITs, this year the number has increased to 17740. In which 355 seats have increased. In which 20 seats have been increased in IIT Bhubaneswar, 12 in IIT Bombay, 30 in Kharagpur, 50 in Jodhpur, 30 in Gandhinagar, 84 in Patna, 10 in Guwahati, 40 in Bhilai, 10 in Tirupati and 75 seats. Dharwad. Apart from this, IIT Madras has reduced by 6 seats compared to last year, while IIT Madras has increased by 50 seats in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

How many seats in IIT?
IIT Patna – 817, IIT Kharagpur – 1899, IIT Hyderabad – 595, IIT Jodhpur – 600, IIT Kanpur – 1210, IIT Madras – 1128, IIT Gandhinagar – 1353, IIT Dhanbad, IIT 25, IIT – 135 3 IITs Varanasi – 1589, IIT Guwahati – 962, IIT Bhilai – 283, IIT Goa – 157, IIT Pallakkad – 200, IIT Tirupati – 254, IIT Jammu – 280, IIT Dharwad – 385, IIT Bhubaneswar – 968, IIT 68 IIT Mandi – 520, IIT Delhi – 1209, IIT Indore – 480 seats.

JOSHA: Those with a rank up to 25000 in JEE Advanced can get a BTech seat in this IIT.

Enrollment in these new courses in Patna IIT
IIT Patna has Economics 24, B.Tech Chemical Science and Technology, MBA Hospital and Health Care Management, Bachelor of Technology and MBA 5, B.Tech Civil Engineering 6, B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering 5, B.Tech Electronics and Communication . Engineering 5, Engineering Physics 6., Mathematics and Computing 5, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 6, Electrical and Electronics Engineering 6, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 5, Chemical Engineering 5, Mechanical Engineering 15, Economics and MBA 6 seats have increased. Most of these courses are with MBA.

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