JSSC: Malpractice in Jharkhand PGT recruitment exam like NEET, 500 passes from single center, highest topper too

JSSC: Malpractice in Jharkhand PGT recruitment exam like NEET, 500 passes from single center, highest topper too

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Like NEET, 500 candidates have passed from a single center for recruitment of post graduate trained teachers in Jharkhand. Many of them have already contributed to Plus Two schools, while the rest will be given appointment letters soon. This center is Shreya Digital Center of Bokaro. Along with the highest results, most of the toppers are also from this centre. 10 out of 25 toppers in Physics are from this centre. In Geography also eight out of 13 candidates and 10 out of total 27 candidates are from this centre. In Biology too, three of the top 11 and 10 out of a total of 47 successful candidates are from here. Now PGT candidates are questioning the results of these centers and alleging manipulation. The candidates have requested an inquiry from the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission to the Chief Minister.

48 successful candidates were 3120 post graduate trained teachers from 24 examination centers across the state for the competitive examination. But only around 1500 candidates from five centers including Shreya Digital have been successful. Apart from Bokaro’s Shreya Digital, Shiva Infotech of Ranchi, Dhanbad Digital of Dhanbad, Future Bright of Ranchi and Tista Technology’s exam centers have fared better results than other exam centers. More than 200 candidates have succeeded in this also. There are 12 centers where only 30 to 100 candidates are successful.

As for Shreya Digital, 195 candidates have passed in Geography, out of which 45 candidates have been successful from this centre. At the same time, there were 72 out of 262 in Physics, 49 out of 245 in Commerce, 52 out of 279 in Mathematics, 36 in Biology, 22 in Chemistry, 28 in English, 20 in Hindi, 18 in Economics, 13 in History. and seven have succeeded in Sanskrit. Remaining candidates document verification done and result pending.

Allegations of candidates
Shreya Digiloot of Bokaro, Dhanbad Digital of Dhanbad, Shiva Infotech of Ranchi, Future Bright and Teesta Technology Centers are major frauds.

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