Kapil Sharma Cheated On Priyanka Chopra For Something Like This, Desi Girl Screams, Comedian Stunned

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While Kapil Sharma hugged Priyanka Chopra during the conversation

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Currently, The Great Indian Kapil Show is popular on Netflix and comedy king Kapil Sharma’s show is getting big celebrities and guests every week. Meanwhile, a throwback video of Kapil Sharma is going viral on social media, in which he was seen doing something with Priyanka Chopra that even Priyanka screamed. Let us also show you this throwback video of Kapil Sharma and Priyanka Chopra, in which Priyanka teaches Kapil how to use a gun and how Kapil seizes the opportunity.

Priyanka Chopra and Kapil Sharma throwback video

An old video of the Kapil Sharma show has been shared on the Instagram page called comedy.shorts5. It features Priyanka Chopra as a guest on the show and teaching Kapil Sharma how to use a gun. He asks to hold the gun with both hands. Kapil gets a bit flirtatious at this and instead of holding a gun, he holds Priyanka Chopra by the waist. Priyanka also shouts loudly and moves aside and tells Kapil that I asked him to hold the gun. At this Kapil jokes that I did what I had to do.

Users said – they will not leave a single chance

This video of Kapil Sharma and Priyanka Chopra is fast becoming viral on Instagram and has been liked by more than 1 lakh 61 thousand people. Some are praising Kapil Sharma’s comedy timing while others are saying that Kapil never misses a chance to flirt, he just needs an opportunity, then he shows his true colours. A user wrote that Priyanka Chopra is as smart as she is beautiful. Let us tell you that Priyanka Chopra has appeared on Kapil Sharma’s show not once but many times. Even after marriage she appeared on Kapil’s show and even then Kapil ji did not avoid flirting with her. However, he does this in a funny way to entertain people.

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