KKK14: Did tussling with Rohit Shetty prove costly for this powerful contestant? was thrown out of the show

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14 disposal of threat or player: Currently there is a lot of discussion about Rohit Shetty’s stunt based show ‘Khatro Ke Khiladi 14’. The contestants have left Mumbai and reached Romania for the shooting of the show. Also the shooting has started. In such a situation, the contestants have started getting a tough task in the first week of the show itself. Meanwhile, a shocking news is coming out regarding ‘Khatro Ke Khiladi 14’. In the very first week of the show, the strongest contestant is eliminated, which no one expected. You will also be shocked to hear its name.

The contestant was evicted from the show in the first week itself

The very first week of ‘Khatro Ke Khiladi 14’ saw a fierce competition between the four players Abhishek Kumar, Asim Riaz, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shaleen Bhanot. In such a situation, the sword of nomination was hanging on these four till yesterday. At the same time, the journey of one of these players has come to an end today. Asim Riaz was kicked out of Rohit Shetty’s show, according to a report in E-Times. Asim had a heated argument with none other than the host of the show, Rohit, after which he was evicted from the show.

Due to which there were fights

According to a source close to the show, ‘After Asim lost the stunt, he and host Rohit Shetty had a huge clash, due to which he was thrown out. At that moment Asim was asked to quit the reality show. However, no statement has yet come out from Asim and the makers of the show in this regard. Now it remains to be seen if this news is true, will Asim be invited back to the show or not?

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