Know- At what age one should start preparing for UPSC, this advice is given by an expert

Know- At what age one should start preparing for UPSC, this advice is given by an expert

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The Civil Service Commission (CSE) examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is conducted every year. Through this exam, candidates are appointed to other higher posts like IAS, IPS, IFS. The first question that arises in the minds of students who want to make their career in Civil Services is at what age they should start their UPSC preparation. Let’s find out what the experts say.

UPSC expert Guru AK Mishra said, General category candidates in this exam can apply for UPSC exam till the age of 32, but the right time to start preparation is in the first year of graduation. This is the time when you have taken admission in a college after clearing the school board exam and have enough time to study. In this case, you can set your routine.

According to Mishra, after coming from school to college, a student looks at many issues with an open mind. This increases their maturity and ability to understand complex concepts. So early years are considered to be the right time to start UPSC preparation.

Mishra also reassured those who are older, especially around 28, advising them not to worry about their age in view of the UPSC exam. He emphasized that there is no age limit for learning and facing challenges.

UPSC toppers come from different age ranges, so it cannot be said with certainty that a particular age group helps candidates succeed. 18-23 years of age is considered ideal for UPSC preparation. Candidates of this age have high energy and enthusiasm.

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