Kota Factory 3 Trailer: Why Not Jeetu Bhaiya ‘Sir’? Answered in season 3, fans were impressed with the dialogues

Kota Factory season 3 trailer is here. Fans are impressed with it and it is getting interesting reactions on YouTube. In this season you will know why Jeetu Bhai is not sir. His motivational dialogues are also being liked a lot. Many students relate to him. Season 3 of Kota Factory will be available to watch on Netflix from June 20.

Why is Jeetu ‘Bhaiyya’?

At the beginning of the trailer I think successful preparation should be celebrated along with successful selection. There is no preparation for victory, preparation is victory, brother. Jeetu is asked why he is brother and not sir. To this he replies, ma’am what is there, everything happens for children in Kota but these people are not JE candidates only. We forget that these people are 15-16 year old kids. All over the world there is disillusionment, insecurity, people get discouraged if their teacher scolds them, even if a friend says something they feel bad. These people take everything seriously. His responsibility is very big, Jeetu sir cannot take it.

The audience liked the dialogues

After the trailer of Panchayat 3, people are remembering Jitendra Kumar in the role of secretary. A viewer on YouTube wrote that when the secretary didn’t clear CAT, she started teaching. One wrote that, when Jeetu Bhaiyya said, ‘Jitu Sir will not be able to fulfill this responsibility’, he was hurt. Many have written dialogues of their choice, such as Kota has become a factory where mass production takes place. One wrote, what will you do if you don’t get selected in IIT? This question makes the heart tremble every time.

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