MMS with actress went viral, now Ashmit Patel said- I am accused of rape…

Ashmit Patel’s MMS with an actress was leaked long ago. Not only both the actors but also the fans were surprised to see that video. There were also reports at the time that the actress had alleged that Ashmit had leaked the video. Now after years, Ashmit has expressed his opinion on this matter. Ashmit told what he had to face at that time. He also revealed the bond he had with the actress at that time.

Handled things together

In fact, the actress with whom Ashmit’s video went viral was Rhea. When the actor was asked if Rhea had accused him in the matter, the actor told Siddharth Kanan, ‘She has not accused me. We tried to deal with it together. Send a notice to the media house. At that time Riya’s friend’s boyfriend was working who was a big lawyer.

Rhea knew the truth in her heart

Ashmit said, ‘After that our relations were good too. We were doing a film, before this scene and we even worked together when everything went back to normal. But don’t know why everything changed after this. Don’t know if anyone said anything to him. But then it probably occurred somewhere in his mind that I might be responsible for this. But I know in her heart she knew I did nothing.

It seems there is an allegation of rape

The actor continued, ‘Justice was served to me. This was no small charge. In my mind it is as if I have been accused of rape. But why would I do it, to someone else or to myself.

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