NEET UG controversy: Is Ayushi Patel’s result uploaded on wrong application number?

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NEET UG Result 2024 Controversy: After the results of the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET UG) exam, where on one hand there are demands to cancel the result, on the other, Ayushi Patel, a resident of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, expressed concern about her NEET UG result. has been

Ayushi Patel has claimed through a video on the social media platform that, she Neat UG result was not declared and photo of torn OMR was received by mail from NTA. However, posting this on X, NTA said that no torn OMR has been sent to Ayushi Patel through official NTA ID. Let us tell you that now the result of Ayushi has been uploaded on the website, but it is being said that the result has been declared with a wrong application number, in which the student has got 335 marks out of 720. Let’s know what is the whole matter and what happened with Ayushi’s result?

Ayushi Patel claimed through a video on the social media platform that her NEET UG result was not released by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on June 4. After which he received an email from NTA, informing him that his result was not generated due to a torn and damaged Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) sheet. Then he mailed to NTA to send photo of OMR sheet. After 24 hours he was sent a photo of the torn OMR sheet. After which, on checking the OMR sheet provided by the agency, Ayushi alleged that the barcode was deliberately torn, with all her answers clearly marked on the sheet.

They claimed that, matching NEET UG final answer, NEET score comes to 715, but my result was not generated. While on one hand Ayushi is claiming 715 marks out of 720, on the other hand as per the generated result Ayushi has secured only 335 marks which is contrary to her claim.

According to ABP report, Ayushi said, “My NEET UG result is available on the website under application number ‘240411340741’, but in the admit card my original application number is ‘240411840741’. I can’t believe it is my mark sheet. : If this is my If there is marksheet, it should be on my application no.

Ayushi Patel was one of the lakhs of students who appeared for NEET UG this year. Ayushi alleged that NTA did not declare her result or that her OMR sheet was torn. While calculating his final answer score, he found that he answered 715 questions correctly out of a total of 720 marks. Ayushi said, NTA took me and my entire family by surprise. The OMR sheet was torn, but I could see the filled bubbles”

NTA said no mail was sent

The NTA refuted Ayushi’s claims saying that no torn OMR answer sheet was sent to the student through the official NTA ID. Further, he confirmed that the OMR sheet is correct and marks are accurate as per official records. However, following the NTA’s response, Ayushi has questioned how her result is available on a different application number than the one shown on her admit card?

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