On Bakrid, Swara Bhaskar targets vegetarians, says- Forced impregnation of cows…

On Bakrid, Swara Bhaskar targets vegetarians, says- Forced impregnation of cows…

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar is known for her outspoken style. Expresses its views on national and global issues. The actress has been trolled many times due to her style. Now the actress has shared a tweet related to Bakrid on X (Twitter), which is getting tremendous response. Swara is also being praised for this post. Also there are some users who are trolling him.

Swara Bhaskar expressed her opinion on the vegetarian issue

Swara Bhaskar has questioned X-user being a vegetarian. The actress questioned a food blogger named Nalini Unagar about her being a vegetarian. Nalini often shares pictures of food. Sharing a picture, he wrote, ‘I am proud to be a vegetarian. My plate is free from tears, cruelty, sin.

Food is made by stealing cow’s milk

Commenting on this post, Swara wrote- ‘Honestly… I don’t understand this thing about vegetarians. Your entire diet comes from depriving young calves of their mother’s milk, forcibly impregnating cows, then separating them from their babies and stealing their milk. Furthermore, if you eat the root vegetable, the whole plant is destroyed! You rest because today is Bakrid!’

Earned the title of controversial actor

Let us tell you that Swara recently revealed in one of her interviews that she is not getting work because of her outspoken style and opinions on issues. In an interview to Connect Cine, Swara said that she is facing bad consequences for voicing her opinion. He is seen as a controversial actor in the film industry. His outspokenness is affecting his personal and professional life.

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