PAK vs USA: Pakistan would have won had Mohammad Amir not made this big mistake.

Super over performance by Mohammad Amir against USA: After Pakistan’s sensational defeat against America, questions are being asked about Babar and company. People are talking about the shortcomings of Pakistani players. Some believe that captain Babar Azam’s slow innings was the main reason for the team’s defeat, while others believe that sending Shadab Khan to bat in the ‘Super Over’ was a bad decision by the captain. However, the biggest reason for Pakistan’s defeat was Mohammad Amir’s poor bowling in the ‘Super Over’. On which pitch the batsmen were struggling for runs. There he gave 18/1 to USA novice batsmen.

Mohammad Amir’s poor bowling can be gauged from the fact that he needed to save one run at a time in the ‘Super Over’. There he spent 7 runs extra. If these runs were not made, the Pakistan team could have scored only 12 runs in the ‘Super Over’ and would have won the match. Because the green team had made 13/1 runs while chasing the target.

Mohammad Amir’s bowling in the Powerplay

Ball 1 – Jones hits Amir’s first ball for a four.

Ball 2 – Jones scores 2 on a yorker length ball.

Ball 3 – Jones manages to take a single on a yorker ball.

Ball 4 – Aamir bowls a wide ball to Harmeet. Here the batsman also managed to take a single as a bye.

Ball 4 – Jones manages to take a single on a full toss ball.

Ball 5 – Amir bowls wide again and the batsman manages to take a single as a bye.

Ball 5 – Jones managed to get 2 runs off the fifth ball.

Ball 6 – This ball was also wide. The batsman managed to score 2 runs here in the form of a bye.

Ball 6 – The batsman is dismissed while trying to take 2 runs.

Aamir’s performance before the ‘Super Over’ was commendable. While bowling 4 overs for the team, he conceded only 25 runs with an economy of 6.20. During this time he also got a success. Perhaps seeing this brilliant performance, captain Babar Azam decided to go with him in the ‘Super Over’ as well, but here he flopped.

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