Pakistan not losing its connection to controversies, $25 extortion from fans at private dinner, now under fire

Pakistan team slammed for hosting private dinner: Pakistan’s first match in T20 World Cup 2024 is against USA on June 6. Before that, the players of the green team are seen involved in a big controversy. The players of their own country are severely criticizing Babar and company for this action. In fact, before their important match, the Pakistan team hosted a private dinner in America. The sole purpose of this dinner was for the fans to meet the Pakistani players. But there was also a fee for fans to meet Pakistani players. Fans who wanted to meet Pakistani players. He had to pay an amount of 25 dollars (2086 Indian Rupees). This is troubling the former cricketers of the green team.

Pakistani veteran players say that this is a shame for Pakistan cricket. Rashid Latif, the former player of the team, has criticized him. In the video shared, he can be heard asking, whose idea was it to have a private dinner? Whose idea was it to ask fans for $25 even if this event was planned? This means the cost to meet our players is only $25. This is very embarrassing.

Continuing his story, the former cricketer said that the team had an official dinner. But this was a private dinner. Who likes this? This is not advisable from a security point of view. If something happens to them. The incident raises questions about the focus and intent of the players.

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