Pakistan “Virat Kohli” said who will be champion of T20 World Cup 2024, you will be shocked to hear the name.

Ahmed Shahzad picks India to win T20 World Cup 2024 title: Pakistan cricket team’s explosive opening batsman Ahmed Shehzad has made a big statement. Shahjad, famous as Pakistani Virat Kohli in the cricket world, says that this time the Indian team will win the T20 World Cup title. 32-year-old Shahzad participated in the Pakistani show ‘Losing is forbidden’ This statement was given during the conversation.

Actually, during the show, a fan asked Shehzad that there are currently 4 teams. Which of these teams can win the ultimate title? To which Ahmed Shahzad replied, ‘Hindustan’.

At this the anchor of the show immediately asks why you think so. What is she doing in the tournament that makes you think she can win the title?

Answering this question, Shehzad says, ‘You know when he plays cricket against you. His leadership is revealed. Check out their team selection. See their plan.

According to Shahjad, the Indian team is fully prepared for the tournament. The player who has been given the role. He is playing very well.

Let us tell you that currently the Indian team is performing well in the tournament. The Blue team defeated all their opponents in the first league round. After that she was also victorious in ‘Super 8’. In the tournament, he will play a semi-final match against England today (June 27). If he wins here, he will play the final against South Africa on June 29.

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