Priyanka Chopra gets bruised on ‘The Bluff’, peels hands and feet, adopts local recipe on foreign soil, rubs too much garlic

New Delhi. Global actress Priyanka Chopra is currently shooting for her upcoming film ‘The Bluff’ in Australia. Where her husband Nick Jonas and daughter Malti Marie are also present with her. He suffered a lot of pain and injuries during this shoot, a glimpse of which he showed on his Instagram stories. Videos and pictures of ‘Deshi Girl’ show that she is giving her 100% in her film. Recently Priyanka got a deep cut in her neck during the shooting of ‘The Bluff’ and now her video is in the news again, in which fans are surprised to see the condition of her leg. When nothing could be suggested to a ‘desi girl’ in a foreign land, the actress came up with a local recipe. Let us tell you how…

Priyanka Chopra has shared many pictures and videos on her social media. In the pictures, she is seen with husband Nick Jonas and daughter Malti. But in the meantime, a video caught the attention of fans, in which she rubbed her feet with garlic. Priyanka also shared some pictures from the shoot, in which she showed her injuries.

Fans were horrified to see the wound
In the video, Priyanka Chopra is seen wearing blood-stained clothes, her face is splattered with blood and her leg is severely injured. Seeing this video of her, her fans are worried. In the video, Priyanka comes in front of the camera and shows the wounds on her legs. There are several wounds on his legs. Earlier too, during the shooting of The Bluff, the actress suffered injuries on her neck and face, a glimpse of which Priyanka shared on social media.

Home remedies attract attention
The video clip that has attracted the most attention in Priyanka’s post is the one in which the actress is getting her feet massaged with garlic cloves. This video of Priyanka Chopra massaging with garlic cloves has gone viral on social media.

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