Received paper at night, uncle did the setting, student accused of NEET paper leak confesses.

Medical entrance examination NEET paper leak case has revealed a big revelation. Bihar paper leak accused Anurag Yadav has confessed that he got the paper the night before the exam. The paper had the same questions as the upcoming NEET question paper. The student admitted that he was also given the answer book and the answers to the questions were memorized. In his statement to the police, Anurag said that my uncle Sikandar Yadvendra called me from Kota that the exam had been arranged. After the exam, the police arrested me.

Accused Anurag’s confession in the paper leak case

“My name is Anurag Yadav, age 22 years, PO Sanjeev Kumar, SO-Parida, Police Station-Hasanpur, District-Samastipur. I am giving my explanatory statement before the Inspector of Shastrinagar Police Station without any fear, pressure or inducement. eye Neat Kotana Allan was preparing for the exam while staying at the coaching center. My uncle Sikandar P. Yadvendu works as a Junior Engineer in Municipal Council, Danapur. I was told by my uncle that date-05. NEET Exam is on 05.24, come back from Kota. Exam has been arranged. I came back from Kota and my uncle dropped me on the night of 04.05.24 with Amit Anand and Nitish Kumar. Where the question paper and answer book of NEET exam were given and made to study and memorize at night. My center was in DY Patil school and when I went to the school to give the exam, I found the question paper which I had memorized in the exam. After the exam the police suddenly came and arrested me. I confessed my crime.
This is my statement. I have read and understood my statement, found it correctly written and affixed my signature thereto.

Sikandar, who is said to be the mastermind of the paper leak case, has also been arrested. Sikandar, who works in the water resources department, has been suspended after his arrest.

NEET: NCERT said – New books are in market for 4 years, NTA said – Bonus marks given due to different answers in old book.

The Economic Offenses Unit (Bihar EOU) is investigating the NEET UG paper leak case in Bihar. The Economic Offenses Unit (EOU) said the National Testing Council (NTA) was not cooperating. Keeping this in mind, a two-member team of EOU reached the NTA headquarters in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The Center has also sought a report from the Bihar EOU on the NEET paper leak.

NEET Paper Leak: Probe into transactions of setters and middlemen, Rs 14 crore deal struck at a base in Patna

EOU questioned the NEET candidates for three hours
In the NEET question paper leak case, the EOU (Economic Offenses Unit) questioned two candidates for three hours on Wednesday. One candidate is Isha Bharti from Bakhtiarpur and the other is a resident of Samastipur. Both were asked if they had received any question paper before the exam. If yes where did you get it and who gave it? However, both denied any information.

Investigation of money transactions
The bank accounts and financial transactions of all the suspects, centers or middlemen whose roles have come to light in the NEET paper leak are being probed. Most of the money transactions were revealed to be in cash.

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