Rs 24 share gave 3610% return, now to buy loot, upper circuit

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Saffron India Share: There have been many such stocks in the past two years which have given investors astonishing returns. One such share is that of Saffron India. The share price has increased by approximately 3600% in the last two years. Now once again the stock is witnessing a stormy rise. On the third trading day of the week, the stock touched the upper circuit of 5% and the price was Rs. reached 906.70. The stock is at a 52-week high. On June 30, 2023, the stock was priced at Rs 24.47, which is the 52-week low of the stock. Thus this share has increased by 3610%.

What the experts say

According to technical analysts, Saffron India’s share price generally stays within the circuit and experiences low trading volume. It is advisable to stay away from such stocks irrespective of their performance. An analyst said that since these types of stocks are managed by strong hands, trading in them should be avoided.

Bonus shares were announced

Let us tell you that the company had announced to distribute 6 bonus shares for one. This bonus share was sanctioned in the month of March. Saffron India is a real estate developer. The company specializes in high quality housing and commercial projects. As per available information, Saffron India is active in Builders, Asset Developers, Engineering Contractors, Civil, Mechanical and Labor Contractors, Building Construction and Construction etc.

Details of shareholding pattern

Talking about the shareholding pattern of Saffron India, 74.99 percent stake is held by the promoters. At the same time, public shareholding is 25.01 percent. The company’s promoter Gopal Gupta holds the maximum stake of 1,67,28,600 shares or 67.69 percent. Whereas, Sachin Gopal Gupta holds 9,26,324 shares or 3.75 percent stake in the company.

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