Seeing this look of Salman Khan will make you remember the days of youth, Internet users said – this Salman will definitely get married

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It will be fun to watch Salman Khan’s twins

New Delhi:

Salman Bhai is the most loved person in the industry. He has gained a huge fan following through his work. Such is the public’s love for him that the festival feels incomplete if Bhai’s film is not released especially on Eid. Bhai’s charisma is different, the shows he is associated with, you can’t imagine anyone else with him. As you take Bigg Boss. Every time it is said about this show that Salman will not host it but maybe even the makers can’t afford Salman staying away from the show.

Now you can guess the level of love fans have for their brother. We found one such fan of our brother on social media. This person named Vikram Singh gives a glimpse of Salman’s youthful days. It means not matching in looks but Vikram gives such expressions when smiling and sometimes in Salman’s getup that he looks exactly like Salman.

Vikram’s videos are very popular on social media and people make very funny comments on them. One wrote, Hey Vikram has left behind even Salman. One wrote, Fresh Salman Khan. Taking a dig at the marriage, one wrote, this Salman will definitely marry. One wrote, No matter how much you promote, Ajay Devgan will come. One said, I have seen many duplicates but you look genuine. One wrote. Looks like Salman Khan is young again.

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