Sharmila Tagore ‘banned’ from talking about cricket after marriage, actress opens up on her marriage to Tiger

Sharmila Tagore ‘banned’ from talking about cricket after marriage, actress opens up on her marriage to Tiger

The pairing of veteran actress Sharmila Tagore and Tiger Pataudi was much loved. Even though Tiger is no longer in the world but it continues to be discussed. Sharmila is a film actress, while Tiger Patouti was a well-known cricketer. Recently, during an interview with MP Kapil Sibal, Sharmila Tagore talked a lot about her relationship with Tiger.

In an interview, Sharmila joked that the marriage certificate prohibited her from discussing cricket. He said that he doesn’t know much about cricket, but he knows that making a good film doesn’t require a lot of money. Working with Satyajit Ray taught me that imagination and creativity are more important than big budgets when it comes to making a great film.

Part of the marriage contract was not to talk about cricket.

While speaking in an interview with Rajya Sabha MP and noted lawyer Kapil Sibal, Sharmila Tagore said that the industry is constantly changing and she believes that if small films do well, they will find their audience. When Kapil Sibal talked about cricket and IPL, Sharmila laughed and said that I don’t think I am qualified to talk about cricket. It was part of my marriage contract that you never talk about cricket. Citing the example of IPL, Sibal said that the way new talent has replaced old players, such a change has not been seen in the world of cinema. Even now, the old generation stars are ruling the roost.

A good film does not need a big budget

Actress Sharmila Tagore responded to Kapil Sibal’s question, “The word creative is a very problematic word in itself.” Satyajit Ray taught me that you don’t need a big budget to make a good film. You need extraordinary imagination, extraordinary talent and extraordinary sense of cinema. ‘All We Imagine As Light’ is not an expensive film, but it has won an award at Cannes and I am sure that when the film releases here, a large number of people will go to see it.

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